Why Outsource?


An outside professional will be able to bring a perspective that’s more relatable to your prospects. Deep expertise in a specialized field can often result in a communications gap when talking to those who are not in one’s field. When a brain surgeon and her/his tennis instructor are in a conversation about their jobs, for example, there will be something lost on both sides as far as understanding and acceptable level of detail. In much the same way, those who need your product or service may not understand it as well as you. They just know they need it.


Your valuable time is best spent in your field of expertise; practicing your craft and running your business. Developing the website and other communication elements to help you build your business and a professional image for it is best handled by those who are focused on those tasks.


For most of my life, I have been focused on writing as a craft. My experience includes several categories of communication, but in each of those I have aimed to write compelling content. When I have helped a client with a resume revision, I have done the necessary preliminary work on both ends (interviewing the client and researching the position), and then written content that paints a compelling picture of my client as an exceptional candidate for the job. The same intent applies to my writing for businesses; that their prospect should see their products, services and way of doing business as being of exceptional quality.